MenHealing is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and healing to men who have been sexually victimized.

The goal of this service project design was to make resources for the clients of MenHealing more readily available and improve the ease-of-access for users.


UX Designer: Visual Design, Information Architecture, UX Research

September - October, 2023


The first step was getting a general feel for the website. Their color scheme was blue and green, evoking the colorful tropics and a sense of peace and tranquility. I decided to keep the color scheme and I grabbed some assets for a mood board.

style tile 1style tile 2style tile 3style tile 4


From here, I jumped into wireframing and decided on the most important resources to present upfront. It seems like MenHealing focuses on their retreat events, so that's what I put on the front page.

desktop home wireframetablet home wireframemobile home wireframe


To further guide my vision, I further refined my color palette into a style guide and pattern library.

style guidecolor gradientstypography


After some feedback, I made some small edits and applied my style guide to make my surface composition.

desktop home surface comptablet home surface compmobile home surface comp



The focus of this project was to improve the visual design of the website, but I believe I created a more usable experience for individuals seeking help through MenHealing. The initial research I conducted to discover the needs of the users helped the most in the design process. User Research, I have learned, is one of the most important parts of a project and can make or break it.