LGBTQ History Mockup

LGBTQ History



LGBTQ History is a HTML/CSS project to educate about the history of LGBTQ people and attitudes across times and cultures.

Web Developer & Designer: HTML & CSS, Visual Design

The goal of this project was to create a web design that was informative, visually pleasing, and easy to navigate.

June - August 2023

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The first step was to research a general timeline of recorded attitudes and laws regarding LGBTQ individuals. After gathering sources online and compiling my research materials, I decided to separate the findings by continent. Then, I structured the page's basic layout and added information. Furthermore, I defined the color scheme I wanted to use and imported fonts from Google. After creating the landing page, I inserted my findings on the various continents.

History of LGBTQ people throughout the ages in the Middle EastHistory of LGBTQ people individuals throughout the ages in AfricaHistory of LGBTQ people throughout the ages in North and South America


To deepen this immersive experience, I added more media elements for users to further connect to subject content and see how the topic interacts with other facets of life. This included a contact message form page; an about page with a table, embedded video, and audio; and a find us page with embedded google maps.

LGBTQ History Contact FormLGBTQ History About PageLBGTQ History: Find Us


In the final stage of this project, I focused on incorporating media queries specifically designed for tablet and mobile screens. This provided me with valuable insights into the importance of responsive web design and advanced CSS techniques. Through hands-on experimentation, I gained a deeper understanding of how to adapt layouts and styles effectively across different devices. This experience has been instrumental in enhancing my skills and fostering a greater appreciation for the intricacies of web development.